• Detergent, liquid concentrate For the thorough cleaning of surgical instruments made of stainless steel in immersion baths and ultrasonic baths. Tarnish, rust film and extraneous rust are removed. Observe product data sheet before use.
  • Alkaline detergent, liquid concentrate • Free of surfactants and active chlorine Removes organic residues, especially suitable for cleaning animal cages for mice or rats made of polysulfone, polycarbonate, polyetherimide, polyphenylsulfone or stainless steel. [wp-video-popup video="https://youtu.be/Kpu7Q4A5NmE"]
  • Cleaning additive, liquid concentrate Enhances the cleaning performance of alkaline and acidic detergents, in particular when removing solid residues, paraffin, oil and fat in watery solutions. With emulsifying, dispersing and defoaming properties.
  • neoform MED rapid Disinfectant, liquid concentrate Bactericidal Yeasticidal Tuberculocidal Active against enveloped viruses Active against Norovirus Alkohol-based solution for disinfecting medical devices. Application: wiping method and spraying devices. VAH[1] listed and included in the IHO[2] list of virucidal products.