• alkaline cleaner, liquid concentrate • free of QAC [1] • free of active chlorine • free of surfactants For the alkaline, active chlorine-free cleaning of milking systems, pipes and milk tanks, particularly recommended for automated milking systems manufactured by the company Lely. Reliably removes milk protein and grease, ideal even at high water hardness.
  • disinfectant, liquid concentrate • free of QAC [1] • free of active chlorine • free of surfactants For disinfection of milking systems, milk tanks and lines, as well suitable for Melkzeugzwischendesinfektion and disinfecting brushes with automatic milking systems. Bactericide (EN 1276), fungzid (EN 1650), sporicidal (EN 14347). Active substances in 100 g: 15.0 g peracetic acid. 1. QAC use [1] = quaternary ammonium compound disinfectant carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. FiBL resource list: Listed in the current resource list for organic farming in Germany
  • Intensive detergent with special degrease action for surfaces and equipment, liquid concentrate Even stubborn fat layers from surfaces such as extractor hoods, working surfaces and equipment are removed. Fast and powerful cleaning action.
  • Disinfecting cleaner for surfaces and equipment in the food sector, liquid concentrate • bactericidal • yeasticidal • active against envelopes viruses • free of perfume • free of coloring agents For combined cleaning and disinfection in a single step for an excellent cleaning performance and safe disinfection. Free of perfume and coloring agents. Registered in disinfectant-list of IHO[1]. VAH-listed[2].
  • neomoscan FA 12 is a liquid, highly alkaline, active-foaming cleaning agent with very good resistance to water hardness. The combination of high alkalinity with strong, foaming, special wetting agents means quick penetration even of very encrusted and carbonated deposits containing grease and protein. Even stubborn deposits are detached from surfaces and emulsified and dispersed in the cleaning solution. The use of neomoscan FA 12 is specially recommended in the case of very heavy soiling. The preferred field of application is the cleaning of stainless-steel cooking and smoking cabinets