Reprocessing and Maintenance of Instruments

Each day, millions of medical procedures are performed in healthcare facilities worldwide, with caregivers and patients relying on the availability and use of a wide range of supplies, instruments and equipment. These devices must be properly reprocessed and sterilized to ensure high quality and good working condition, and available at the point of care. In the absence of proper reprocessing and storage, these devices may become contaminated and which may be lead to compromise quality patient care.

Here Supreme cares provides array of products produced by the professionals, for each segments to perform a key role in providing hygienic products required to deliver quality patient care. Quality (or lack of quality) can have dramatic consequences on the health and safety of personnel and patients. How well quality products and services are provided will impact the operation of the department.

Automated & Manual Reprocessing of Medical Instrument

Automated & Manual Disinfection of Surgical Instruments


Rinsing & Care

Instrument Care and Maintenance

Reprocessing of Laboratory glassware

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