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Supreme Care UAE offer an array of products to cater healthcare and food processing sectors with their cleaning and disinfection needs. Our products guarantee excellent results and maintain durability of materials. To know more about how we can support you, check the below catalogs and discover our most popular products perfectly suited for each purpose and material.

Products for Cleaning and

Disinfection of Medical Instruments

In medical sector, hygiene is the foremost necessity which Supreme Care UAE, in conjunction with its partners provides high quality reprocessing solutions for cleaning and disinfection.

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Products for Reprocessing

of Laboratory Glassware’s

 Our range of products for laboratory glassware reprocessing guarantees cleanliness and absence of residues which is essential for analysis and test results in laboratories and processing in Industrial productions.

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Dosing Technology

 Dosing systems makes it easy for your engineering industry with our best mix of solutions and concepts.

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Products Recommendation for

Meat and fish processing Industries

Our range of products support Meat and Fish industry to maintain the high standards of Hygiene with a wide range of detergents, disinfectants and products for Hand Hygiene.

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Products Recommendation

for Dairy Industry

 For Dairy sector we offer innovative products with latest application and process technologies to provide necessary safety in the production of hygienically safe products.

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Products Recommendation

for Beverages Industries

 For a safe cleaning and disinfection of production lines in Beverages Industries we offer products with HACCP concept, for high quality and durability.

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Product range for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry

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